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How new delivery packaging will keep food crisp

Every day of the week on Europe 1, Anicet Mbida makes us discover an innovation that could well change the way we consume. Recently, he was interested in the innovation developed by the engineers of the Californian start-up SAVRpak, which guarantees the crisp appearance of food, even during delivery.

This is an innovation that could significantly improve the lunch break for the many people currently teleworking linked to the restrictions of the coronavirus. Today, when we order hot foods, such as fries or pizzas, on a delivery application, they often arrive soft on our plate. Likewise, when you have to go get your meal at the restaurant around the corner. But that should change soon, as new packaging is designed with the goal of keeping food perfectly crispy. Anicet Mbida thus identified a promising technology developed by the Californian start-up SAVRpak.

A plate glued under the lid of the tray

To propose their innovation, the engineers of this company first identified the old problem of the trays used for take-out meals. When you put a hot hamburger inside a box and then closed it, condensation is created. The food therefore takes moisture. And at the opening, we find ourselves faced with a hamburger with soft bread … Not really appetizing.

The SAVRpak team therefore created a sort of self-adhesive plate to be positioned under the lid of the tray. This will absorb excess humidity, prevent condensation and therefore keep fries, nuggets and quiches, for example, very crispy.

A very low cost

Another advantage: the very low price of this innovation. The small plate costs only about twenty cents per unit. The product has of course been designed to be in contact with food. Remains that it is only found for the moment in the United States for the moment. It should arrive in France in the coming months. SAVRpak is also preparing a consumer version for use in microwaves. Even at home, the reheated quiche or pizza will therefore no longer be all soft.

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