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How is the medical world represented in cinema and in series?

Every Saturday for an hour, the European cinema specialist 1 Mathieu Charrier and his columnists take a tour of the news of the seventh art. On the occasion of the upcoming release of season 2 of Hippocrates, Clap returns to the medical world in cinema and in series. Since Emergencies which popularized the hospital environment, films and series on the subject have continued to multiply. In recent years the films have become more and more realistic and almost militant. How did this evolution take place? How does hospital reform inspire directors? How did the doctors get started with the realization? We tell you everything in Clap!


Thomas Lilti, doctor and director of the Hippocrates series.

Pio Marmaï, actor.

Marilyne Letertre, journalist at Madame Figaro.

Thierry Chèze, journalist, film critic and editor-in-chief of Première.

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