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How does the Tappara corona scandal affect the credibility of the entire SM League? This is how CEO Riku Kallioniemi comments – SM League

SM League CEO Riku Kallioniemi commented on Tappara’s coronation uproar.

The phone is up at a brisk pace at the SM League office in recent days.

The corona quarantines of several clubs have complicated the final round of the regular season and forced them to squabble the final round of the match schedule.

More information for the SM League office staff came from the beginning of the week, when Ilta-Sanomat reported on Tappara’s sports director Jukka Rautakorven has allowed two corona-positive U20 players to practice in the practice hall.

The CEO of the SM League Riku Kallioniemen according to the case has been taken with the appropriate seriousness. The SM League has launched its own disciplinary process on the case.

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– Everyone understands that a big mistake has happened. We have talked to Tappara’s management, and they also understand that it has been done wrong, Kallioniemi comments.

What kind of image harm does this cause to the entire Finnish Championship League?

– It remains to be assessed. I hope this single case doesn’t take away the value of the work done. A single mistake has undoubtedly happened, but at the same time we must remember that we have done a good job with a large front and a large group for about a year during the corona crisis, Kallioniemi said.

– We have obtained relatively good results through various efforts. I don’t think a single mistake dilutes the work that a thousand people doing in front of the league puck have done in different roles. For about a year, we have been able to do a good job in a cramped situation. People make mistakes. One must also be merciful.

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Aces Development Director Tommi Kerttula received a € 10,000 fine from the SM League when he criticized in January In an interview with IS SM communication and a picture of the bankruptcy painted by the clubs.

Chairman of the SM League Heikki Hiltunen in Kerttula’s speeches, there were distortions and irresponsible communication that has been detrimental to the Finnish Champions League clubs.

How do Rautakorvi’s and Tappara’s actions and possible fines compare to this Kerttula sanction?

– We have internally jointly agreed on the arrangements for dealing with sanctions. We will not open this to the public in more detail, Kallioniemi said.

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