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how do you become French Monopoly champion?

INTERVIEW“There are a lot of things that were no longer in the air.” At the microphone of Europe 1, Philippe Pinoli is pleased with the decision taken by Hasbro, the brand behind the famous Monopoly, to launch a consultation to allow Internet users to choose the titles of future “Community Fund” cards. “But what I like is that they have not changed the spirit of the game at all”, welcomes the Frenchman, who knows what he is talking about: on three occasions, he has been crowned. national champion! Used to family victories, do you dream of imitating him? Here are his tips.

“Know the rules thoroughly”

“Already, you have to participate in the French championships, which I encourage everyone to do,” begins Philippe Pinoli. A competition is organized each year and open to all adults – a “junior” version also exists. “As soon as there is a free table, four people meet and play a game,” explains the champion. “We record a result”, based on the sum and the goods available to each player when the game is over. “At the end, we accumulate the points and then we possibly qualify for the finals.”

To put the odds on his side, Philippe Pinoli recommends “knowing the rules inside out”, and in particular those in tournaments “slightly different” from family Monopoly – games of 60 minutes, with a “quick die” which displays symbols , in addition to the other two. On the strategy side, “you don’t necessarily have to buy the famous rue de la Paix, at least not at certain times of the game”, advises the specialist, even if the most expensive square on the board can pay off big when the opponents are there ” fall “.

“It remains a major weapon at the end of the match, with two players,” concedes Philippe Pinoli. “But at the start of the game, it’s not terrible. The rue de la Paix and the Champs-Elysées have a big flaw: they are located behind the box ‘go to prison’. So, we are often arrested before we go. get there.”

“Lucky man in the world”

To win, these tactical considerations must go with a happy hand at the dice, readily admits the player. “I am undoubtedly the luckiest man in the world”, smiles the one who displays “the most beautiful prize list in history”. “I have been three times champion in a row and I have been in the final five times in six years. And then, I am also the last French to have participated in the World Championships, in 2015, where I went in semi -final.”

When you display such a pedigree, are you still able to play “simply” with those close to you? Yes, responds Philippe Pinoli, who faced his nieces during confinement, without changing his strategy, and without ever losing. “I’m not invincible, but I still win a lot,” he smiles.

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