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Housing sales are still rampant – prices rose the most in these cities – Taloussanomat

The attractiveness of urban framework areas is growing, good transport connections and services are attracting migrants.

The beginning of the interest rate year became a year in February, but the pace in the housing market has remained strong. Statistics Finland said on Tuesday that house prices rose by 3.4 per cent in the Greater Helsinki area, by 4 per cent in Tampere and by 3.4 per cent in February compared with a year ago.

At the same time, the sale of old stock homes was at a record pace. Trade volumes increased by as much as 18 percent compared to February last year. The number of stores has been clearly high since the summer of last year.

Migration researcher Timo Aro The consultancy firm MDI states to STT that there has been no sign of a squat in the housing market since the first phase of the koruna shock. The change, on the other hand, has been reflected in how the frame areas of large cities have increased their attractiveness.

– Urbanization has continued, but in 2020 it was visible around large urban areas. In the framework areas, the Helsinki, Tampere and Turku regions saw a really huge increase in population and attractiveness.

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There was a lot of talk about the Nurmijärvi phenomenon in recent years, but places like Järvenpää and Kerava, which have a lot of high-rise construction, good connections and services, have now increased their attractiveness.

“Tampere’s attraction is wildly great”

Aro estimates that when the Corona time is left behind, people may have a wider range of possible options. In addition to living in the city, it can also be directed to frame areas.

– The trend towards urban areas will continue in all areas and urban areas will expand, Aro predicts.

The metropolitan area is no longer as absolute a magnet as it used to be. Last year, Helsinki and Espoo suffered a migration loss for the first time in a long time. Tampere, on the other hand, grew.

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– Tampere’s attraction has been wildly high in the corona year. It has clearly passed the metropolitan area. Tampere has become a city of smile girls or boys, where it is easy to come, stay and go home, Aro says.

The proliferation of telework has also brought migration and population growth to large tourist and cottage towns. Kuusamo, Puumala, Sulkava and the like have benefited when they have temporarily applied for teleworking or living in holiday homes.

– These localities may have a population of 2 to 3,000 inhabitants, but the service structure is urban, built for 10,000 inhabitants, Aro points out.

At the end of the year, spending can calm down

Economist following the housing market in Pellervo’s economic research Peetu Keskinen estimates that the increase in trade is a result of the fact that middle- and high-income people have been able to bring forward decisions to change their home during the interest year.

– I guess that towards the end of the year, there may be a slight normalization in the housing market when people go for money elsewhere.

Statistics also show that the polarization of the housing market continues. Statistics Finland in the publication the rest of the country outside the metropolitan area is packaged together, although behind the 0.9 per cent fall in prices hides very different developments across the board.

In addition to the Helsinki metropolitan area and major cities, prices have also risen in regional centers, such as Lahti, Seinäjoki, Kuopio, Joensuu and Kotka.

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