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House prices in Haarlem increased by an average of EUR 30,000 | NOW

House prices in Haarlem have increased by an average of 30,000 euros, according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics and Land Registry on Monday. House prices have not risen so fast nationwide in almost twenty years.

Last month, owner-occupied homes were on average 10.4 percent more expensive nationally than in February a year earlier. The average selling price of a home has increased to 334,000 euros in 2020.

Traditionally, the price was highest in Bloemendaal with an average sales price of over 863,000 euros. In Bloemendaal, the average value is slowly creeping towards the million euros at 32,000 euros (now 863,297 euros).

The housing market experienced a dip in 2016 in Kennemerland. Average house prices have since exploded. In Bloemendaal, the owners could count themselves rich with an average value increase of more than a quarter of a million euros in five years since 2015. In Zandvoort, nearly 200,000 euros in value was added in that period.

According to real estate agent Jan van Son, we have to get used to the fact that it is more the rule than the exception that terraced houses in this region will cost more than one million euros. “They are nonsensical prices that are very bad for traffic flow. I think the rise in house prices in this region will always continue as long as interest rates remain low.”

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According to Van Son, regional board member of the NVM, it is mainly young people who are the victims of the housing market. “The youth can neither rent nor buy. Politicians really have to come up with a solution for this. Otherwise the youth will have to leave the region en masse.”

According to Van Son, the corona crisis has only given an extra impulse to rising house prices. “The suction effect from Amsterdam on this region has only grown. People who live in an apartment there with children become crazy about sitting on each other and want to look up the space and they hope to find it here.”

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