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Home schooling, a dangerous separatism?

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                Much ink has been spilled on a proposal from the "law against separatism": the government's desire to limit home education through a system of permits.  According to the executive, the temptation of certain families to derogate from certain republican principles, such as secularism.  However, for the families concerned, this is an attack on the freedom of education, yet provided for under the Jules Ferry law.

                                    <p>Currently, a family just needs to declare it to the town hall to do home schooling.  But the government would like to limit this device to sick children or those who follow particularly intensive programs in music or sports.

If the Senate, with a right-wing majority, voted against this provision, Max Brisson, Senator Les Républicains, proposed a new amendment to limit family education.

Report from these parents who have decided to home school.

A program prepared by Patrick Lovett and Camille Nedelec.

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