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Home care left the elderly without medicine and food – daughter: “I never knew the situation was so bad” – Finland

“It’s not about canceling visits because of the staffing situation.”

A 88-year-old woman from the City of Helsinki’s home care client was left without food and medicine on Tuesday of this week. The woman is partly visually impaired and dependent on outside help.

Ilta-Sanomat is told by her daughter. Due to the sensitivity of the matter, the daughter speaks anonymously.

The daughter says that there have been several times when the housekeeper has come late, but on Tuesday, March 23, no one from the city of Helsinki’s home care visited the woman’s mother.

The daughter is grateful to live with her sister close to her mother and they tend to go on shifts to see her mother.

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In addition, they have agreed with an acquaintance that she will visit the woman. As agreed, the lady went to the woman again on March 23 at one afternoon.

The mother had not received breakfast, medication, and her hygiene had not been taken care of. We were not informed at all.

– If this lady had not visited her mother, she would have received morning medicine and food at five o’clock.

The daughter, who contacted Ilta-Sanomat, says that the mother will be put to sleep at eight in the evening. With home care, it has been agreed to visit the woman early, between eight and ten in the morning.

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The daughter says she has read about problems in home care before, but is still surprised when the problems hit her.

– I never knew the situation was so bad.

“Neither has been contacted”

The daughter lives close to her mother, but is unable to constantly take care of her mother and visit her because of her work. It has been agreed with home care that if the home caregiver is unable to visit at the agreed time, the home care will contact the daughter or her sister, in which case one of them will visit her mother.

The problem with the daughter’s view is that there has been no contact with them, even though it has been requested.

– I have said that I am able to visit with their mother, if you call me. If I can’t, my sister can go. Neither has been contacted.

The City of Helsinki is responsible for the home care of a woman left without a treatment visit. The daughter, who contacted Ilta-Sanomat, says that they and their sister have been in contact with the city’s home care department and asked why the care visits have been delayed.

The daughter tells Ilta-Sanomat that the City of Helsinki’s home care has been called upon in a hurry.

“Schedules may need to be reorganized a little”

Home care manager of the City of Helsinki’s Northern Home Care Unit Suvi Kan said on Thursday, March 25, that it had not heard of the case. He also emphasizes that it is not possible to comment on issues related to an individual client and his or her care in public.

He admits that there is also a shortage of resources in home care, but stresses that a shortage of resources is not a reason to miss home visits.

– It is not a question of canceling visits due to the staffing situation. Schedules may need to be reorganized a little.

He says that at present, coronation vaccinations for clients in home care also employ home care staff.

On Friday, Kan sent a text message informing him that he could not talk on the phone, but the city’s home care has been in contact with the client’s relatives and with relatives it has been clarified what has happened that morning.

Kan and the home care staff apologize for what happened and the unpleasant experience for the client and his relatives.

– On a general level, I can say that situations like this are always taken very seriously and we go through what has happened with the client and his / her relatives and staff. We always do everything we can to ensure that our customers can live in the home safely, he further comments via email.

Everyday life changed in February

A woman who is a client of home care had a cerebral infarction three years ago and is partially visually impaired, so living without help is not possible. For example, you cannot take food and medicine without help. He can’t use the phone.

The woman’s daughter says her mother’s daily life changed in February after this man died. Until then, the man had been able to take care of the woman and take care of medicines and food, among other things. At the time, it had been agreed with home care that the couple’s home would be visited later.

– The later time did not bother, because Dad was able to help.

After the man’s death, a doctor and a nurse went to check on the woman’s condition and at the same time the home nurse was asked to visit earlier.

Last week, the city’s home care was told the woman’s daughter that after the man’s death, the woman’s information would not have been updated, that visits should be brought forward.

The daughter of a home care client emphasizes that she does not want to blame individual employees, but provokes a discussion about the state of home care.

She also emphasizes that her mother has been pleased with the service she has received when home care has been visited on site.

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