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Hollywood actor Christopher Lambert arrives in Vuokatti to shoot the film – starring his own bodyguards and top-notch accommodation – Entertainment

Christopher Lambert, the action star of the past years, is filming The Creeps in Finland.

Instructor living in Germany Marko Mäkilaakso wrote his new film The Creeps role in the youth of his youth, in Hollywood productions such as Highlanderin the movies to become world famous Christopher Lambertille. Now Lambert, 63, will arrive in Finland in a couple of weeks to play the role he intended for himself in directing Mäkilaakso. The second lead role sees an American actor Chris Cavalier, which is already in Finland.

– Both liked their roles and have already been excited about Finland, Marko Mäkilaakso says.

All of Lambert’s scenes are filmed around Vuokatti and the new Kajawood film production center there.

– Lambert has top-class accommodation in Vuokatti and other usual Hollywood actor Raider wishes with his bodyguards. At least nothing surprising has come up in advance.

Lambert filmed behind the scenes of the film Beowulf.­

Made on a budget of just over a million, The Creeps breathes the spirit of 80s strip movies.

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– This is a tribute Gremlinsfor movies with a director Joe dante has already described his own contribution to this in Los Angeles.

Christopher Lambert is best known for his role in the 1986 film Highlander, in which Lambert portrays an immortal warrior.­

Several Finnish actors are involved in the English-language production going to international distribution. Some of them will not be published until later, however Arman Alizadin in addition, the director now mentions what is already seen in the side role Ismo Leikolan. Arman Alizad makes his first role in the film as an actor.

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Alizad came to the director’s mind based on what Mäkilaakso had written about that police.

– The character’s spirit, humor and style seemed perfect to Arman. And that’s exactly how things went in the filming. Arman is good to receive guidance and he immediately understood what had to be done, Mäkilaakso praises.

The Creeps is scheduled to premiere at the end of the year.

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