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his daughter Charlotte remembers “someone rather secretive and infinitely touching”

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the death of her father, Serge Gainsbourg, who died of a heart attack at the age of 62 on March 2, 1991, Charlotte Gainsbourg remembers Tuesday in the Boomerang program of France Inter de “someone rather secret and infinitely touching” and a “personality so apart”.

She evokes her “shyness disguised as aggressiveness at times”, to “part of the childhood that never left him”, son “relation to women, to his physique from which he suffered until using it”.

About her shyness she says she saw him “to struggle with his own tools, which were alcohol, a certain aggressiveness. I find it normal to go towards a provocation when you are so locked in. He scared me because of his health, because he was screwing himself up. My sister Kate and I were struggling all the time to keep her from drinking, from smoking. These were incompatible things with who he was. I was afraid of losing it “, confesses Charlotte Gainsbourg at the microphone of Augustin Trapenard.

When she talks about her relationship with her father, Charlotte talks about“a very innocent father-daughter relationship, very pure and beautiful”. In thirty years, she has hardly listened to her father’s songs.

“The voice has something so alive. It was torturing me to listen to it. There is a charm that emerges, which has never diminished, which expresses all its beauty.”

Charlotte gainsbourg

France Inter

According to her, the provocation that Serge Gainsbourg used and abused “was a necessary tool to make things happen. Of course, it’s a weapon against his shyness and a way of pushing himself”, she nuances. “It was a lot of humor on his part.

Charlotte Gainsbourg now plans to open her father’s mansion, rue de Verneuil in Paris, to the public. “Everything stayed, until the smell of cigarettes which stayed a very long time. I wanted to capture this place and have it frozen in time”, she says. After her death, she locked herself in “to find him. It was the only place where there was still an element of secrecy.”, she recalls. This house is also the place where Serge Gainsbourg died. “I remember hearing that he was dead on TV”, remembers the singer.

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