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Here, the hunting dog Knut trains to meet wild boar in the forest

– Many go out with too young dogs. They should be about 2 years old before they are ready for wild boar hunting, says Jöns Lennart Andersson at Jägareförbundet Skåne.

The insurance company Agria insures about half of the Scanian hunting dogs. It is about 65-70 dogs. Their statistics show that dogs that are injured or killed have increased by 78% between the years 2015 and 2020. Only between 2019 and 2020 by 17%.

The sows bite

Anytime, anywhere in Scania, you must be prepared for the dog to meet a wild boar. The boars’ pastures are sharp and give the dog cuts, but it is the sows that are most dangerous. They bite the dog, which causes much greater damage.

Most accidents occur late in the hunting season between December and January. Then the pigs have learned that the best way to get rid of a barking dog is to hunt it.

Hunting wild boar with a dog is only allowed during the period 1 August – 31 January.

See when the hunting dog Knut in the video above gets to practice meeting wild boar.

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