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Here is the last song released after the death of Alexi Laiho – the wish of a metal legend came true – Music

Alexi Laiho’s last record was released.

A late metal musician Alexi Laihon the band Bodom After Midnight released on Tuesday Paint the Sky with Blood -VEP’s name track video service On YouTube. The video is the official music video for the song.

Bodom After Midnight was guitarist-vocalist Laihon and guitarist Daniel Freybergin formed a band with which Laiho had made extensive plans for the future before his death.

The band played in addition to the duo Waltteri Väyrynen, Mitja Toivonen and Vili Itäpelto.

The 14-minute EP was recorded last year in Finland. It contains three songs. The EP will be fully published on 23 April.

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– Like the rest of us, Alexi was very excited about these songs and couldn’t wait to release them, so we are happy to be able to fulfill her wishes. Needless to say, we are taken and proud to have been involved in his last creative work, and we are now bringing it to everyone’s hearing just the way he wanted.

– It’s time to let go of the beast once again and celebrate Alex’s music, heritage and the man himself, the band commented in the press release.

Alexi Laiho told about the formation of his new band to IS in March 2020. He said at the time that even though Children of Bodom broke up, it was clear to the musician that he would form another new band.

– It was clear that I would continue. I never wound up to start quitting. I asked Daniel what his position is, and we agreed: let’s continue and look for new hunts, Laiho told IS at the time.

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A Finnish metal legend died only at the age of 41 in late 2020. His first wife Kimberly Goss told the public that the cause of death was alcohol-induced liver degeneration and pancreatic connective tissue.

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