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Here are the new supermarkets, energy drinks and other refreshments: Coca-Cola with a new recipe, decaffeinated Pepsi and a classic alcohol-free trough – News

The selection of non-alcoholic soft drinks is growing and the tentacle familiar to Finns will receive a non-alcoholic version.

This spring’s soft drink innovations will focus especially on low-sugar and low-calorie and non-alcoholic drinks.

Many new products get their taste from natural ingredients.

Familiar drinks have been accompanied by a version with less added sugar and sweeteners. The classic tentacle is now also suitable for those who do not need alcohol.

In addition, the range of non-alcoholic beers is growing. We present new drinks coming to the stores.

New thirst drinks

Novelle Fresh will go on sale in two new flavors: a combination of mango and orange and a blueberry-flavored drink. The drinks are based on mineral water and get a drop of full juice to taste.

The calorie-free drink does not contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The Jaffa Juicy soft drink with a pineapple and passion fruit flavor comes from real fruit juice.

Jaffa Juicy does not contain artificial sweeteners. It has 30 percent less sugar than a regular soft drink.

Hartwall Jaffa’s spring novelty flavor is a combination of raspberry and blueberry.

The sugar-free drink tastes like berries and will only be on sale for the summer of 2021.

Cola without caffeine and sugar

Pepsi MAX launches a decaffeinated version of the cola drink. In addition to caffeine, Pepsi MAX Caffeine Free does not contain sugar.

Coca-Cola Zero is also being revamped and is now Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. What is new is the recipe. It is described as having a familiar taste of Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar’s beverage packaging also turns completely red. Launched 15 years ago as the logo of the sugar-free Coca-Cola, the black color is now only visible in the logo.

The classic is now more festive

The 100-year-old Pommac bumped the fists with the Frenchman Lorina and the result was a non-alcoholic party drink.

Champagne flavor has been added to the familiar Pommac and its sugar content has been reduced by almost 40%. The party feel is further enhanced by the glass bottle, the cap of which pops open.

Carbonated and low-calorie Fenix ​​Relaxing Blackberry Lavender contains vitamin B5 and L-theanine, an amino acid.

Invigorating innovations

Blood grapefruit-flavored ED Pink Grapefruit is a vitaminized energy drink that contains caffeine, B vitamins, guarana and taurine.

The soft drink-flavored energy drink Faxe Kondi Booster Watermelon is a watermelon-flavored alternative to energy drinks. The sugar-sweetened Booster contains caffeine.

Mountain Dew Jumpstart Fruit Punch is a fruit punch-flavored refreshment that combines fruit juice, vitamins B3, B5 and B6 and added caffeine. The drink contains half the amount of sugar in regular carbonated sugar-sweetened soft drinks.

Fonti di Crodo Limonata Lemon and Lime-Mint artisanal lemonades are produced in Crodo in the Piedmont region.

The secret of the taste of lemon lemonade is its high juice content and abundant amount of fruit flesh. In addition to lemon lemonade, a lime and mint-flavored drink will be sold in Finland.

Alcohol-free version of the tentacle

Hartwall Original Long Drink, also called the Finnish national drink, will be available non-alcoholic. The non-alcoholic version of the tentacle has a familiar taste that combines grapefruit and juniper berry.

Alongside the grapefruit-flavored tentacle, there will also be an alcohol-free version of the ginger tentacle, whose taste world is familiar with tonics and ginger beers.

More Brewing Lager 0.0% is a non-alcoholic, easily approachable light beer that is said to be a degree more drunk.

A. Le Coq Fassbrause 0.0% Lemon is a non-alcoholic beverage developed for adult tastes for those who do not want to drink beer or traditional sugary soft drinks. It contains half of the non-alcoholic beer fermented and little sugar.

A. Le Coq IPA 0.3% is a light medium bitter non-alcoholic India Pale Ale beer is also for those who enjoy the taste of IPA beer but want to avoid alcohol.

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