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Henny Vrienten finds herself too compelling to play in a band with family | NOW

Although Henny Vrienten still has the ambition to start a new band at the age of 72, he does not see it for himself to do this with his musical family. In conversation with AD he says that he is too compelling in the field of work to work with his children.

Although Vrienten often performs with his son Xander and even as a house band for a season The world goes on functioned, the former Doe Maar singer does not like to form a whole band with his children.

When asked why not, Vrienten says he has to reveal a “painful detail” about himself. “I am very friendly by nature, but when I am in a band, it has to go as I have in mind,” said the singer.

“That’s how I said to Ernst Jansz when I joined Doe Maar: it’s a great band, but we just have to make reggae. No more calypso or other styles. At a moment like that I’m pretty compelling. I can do something like that to someone. who voluntarily works with me, but not my children, “says the singer.

“They also immediately say: yes dad, we think it would be nice, but of course we are not going to do exactly what you want. I don’t feel like that fight. So I don’t know what kind of band it will be.”

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In recent years Vrienten has mainly performed with his band Vreemd Kostgangers, which also consisted of Boudewijn de Groot and George Kooymans. The band was forced to stop, because Kooymans suffers from the muscle disease ALS.

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