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Henk (72) has hardly any housing costs after transferring a mortgage | NOW

A record number of mortgages were taken out in the past corona year. This is partly due to the remarkably high number of home sales, but most mortgages were transferred to another provider. Henk van der Kruijssen (72) was able to bring his monthly costs to zero.

In 2004 Henk van der Kruijssen bought a house in Eersel together with his wife. “It is a large apartment with all the amenities you could want. An elevator in the complex, a beautiful roof terrace. I have nothing more to wish for.”

Thanks to the sale of a holiday home, he was able to pay off a large part immediately. “I had an interest-only mortgage and there was still 100,000 euros outstanding. The value of the house must be around five tons. The interest was 3.5 percent, which was not that much, but I have checked whether it was anyway. could be cheaper. ”

Meanwhile, the average mortgage interest rate is around 1.5 percent and 1 percent if you want to fix the interest for ten years. Last week, the record low was set. Borrowing money for a house has never been so cheap.

Not everywhere possibilities to transfer

At ING bank, where the original mortgage had been taken out, he was denied. “My point was that I did not want to repay that 100,000 euros at the end of the term, in thirteen years. But ING just wanted to extend a few years, because of my age, not transfer it.”

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After an independent search, Van der Kruijssen ended up with an insurer who wanted to take over the mortgage for another thirty years. The new interest rate: 1.72 percent. “That means that my monthly costs will go from 275 euros to 140 euros. The difference allows you to go on holiday every year. I had to pay a fine of 2,300 euros, but I thought that was not that bad. Now we can continue to live here without any worries until we die. ”

“Even if the penalty interest is 10,000 to 20,000 euros, which often happens, it can be interesting to switch.”

Marga Lankreijer, Independer comparison site

The position of the senior from Eersel is not unique, mortgage expert Marga Lankreijer of comparison site knows. “For people who took out a mortgage some time ago, the interest is relatively high. Even if the penalty interest is 10,000 to 20,000 euros, which often happens, it can be interesting to switch. The penalty is also tax-deductible.”

There are more costs involved in making a transfer

Thousands of consumers take the step every week, according to figures from Hypotheken Data Netwerk. One in five mortgages that are applied for are refinancing. “In addition to the transfer fine, there are more costs involved,” says Marga Lankreijer. “In any case, closing costs and notary costs. Moreover, with some lenders the WOZ value or a Calcasa report is not enough for you. Then the house must be appraised. It is therefore important to calculate carefully whether those costs can be refunded with the lower interest rate. to earn.”

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For Van der Kruijssen it was a piece of cake. “I come from the banking and insurance industry, so it is a little easier to keep control. If you have a little knowledge, I would certainly try and look closely at the conditions. . ”

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