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Helmarit, who has overcome the pressures of the European Championship qualifiers, is finally allowed to develop his game in peace – “We focus especially on offensive play” – Football

In April, Finland will face Austria, against which they won 0–2 and 1–4 in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

In February The Finnish women’s national football team, which won the European Championship finals, will return to the national team on April 11 against Austria. The party is celebrated, but the defender Tuija Hyyrysen According to the Finnish competition venue, the club team in Juventus did not miss.

– We really had our solving game before Italy. Our game helped them, so they reportedly celebrated it (Finland’s block win) harder than the result of their own game. They really lived along, and Linda Sällström Stara is here, Hyyrynen smiled on Tuesday at the national team’s remote briefing.

The Austria match at the Ritzing begins a two-stage process. Finland is preparing for the autumn World Cup qualifiers, the blocks of which will be drawn on 30 April. On the other hand, the gaze is already on in the summer 2022 English European Championships.

– I think it’s a good thing that the qualifiers start before the European Championships. We need to get a lot of relevant games before the European Championships. The World Cup is the kind of dream we aim for, even though the European Championships are in the forefront, Hyyrynen said.

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Em-kisapaikan the confirmed group included 25 players, but 23 players have been named to the Austria practice match. Made a memorable “nose paint” against Scotland Amanda Rantanen is now a substitute. A pillar of defense Natalia Kuikka moved to the United States and is not involved for logistical reasons.

– The litter season in Portland begins on April 9th. We discussed that maybe it’s best for him to start the season there and take a seat on the team. Flights to Vienna would have been at least 18 hours, so this was a pretty natural decision, Finland’s head coach Anna Signeul justified.

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Anna Signeul has selected a team for the April match in Austria.­

Linköping is a new player Anna Koivunen. He replaces the goalkeeper in the trio Paula Myllyojan.

Finland played Against Austria for the last time in the World Cup qualifiers 2018. In the first qualifiers led by Signeul, Finland suffered losses 0–2 and 1–4.

– It is important to see our development of how we last played against Austria. Our defensive game has been absolutely awesome, but now we are focusing specifically on developing offensive play. These are valuable opportunities because we don’t have the same stress as in qualifiers, Signeul said.

Tuija Hyyrynen has been playing at Juventus since summer 2017. Picture of the Finland-Portugal match sealed at the European Championships in February.­

In the European Championship qualifiers, Finland gave up the ball relatively easily, especially against Scotland. According to Hyyrynen, developing a ball game is a challenge when there are months between common events.

– In a club team, it’s easier because we see every day and we have seven days a week to hone the patterns. We (Juventus) also describe the exercises, so even the smallest details can be gone on a daily basis.

– Of course, it is also possible in the national team by analyzing the games played and discussing what we can do better and how to find clear roles. Of course, it is more challenging for the national team, but the few common days we have are taken advantage of, Hyyrynen reflected.

Soccer selections / women’s national team

Finnish women’s national football team for the Austrian national match to be played at the Austrian Ritzing on April 11:


Tinja-Riikka Korpela, Everton (England)

Anna Tamminen Hammarby (Sweden)

Anna Koivunen Linköping (Sweden)

Field players:

Anna Westerlund Åland United

Anna Auvinen Inter (Italy)

Tuija Hyyrynen Juventus (Italy)

Emma Koivisto Brighton (England)

Elli Pikkujämsä KIF Örebro (Sweden)

Eva Nyström Hammarby (Ruotsi)

Eveliina Summanen Kristianstad (Sweden)

Adelina Engman Montpellier Herault (France)

Ria Öling Rosengård (Ruotsi)

Olga Ahtinen Linköping (Sweden)

Emmi Alanen Växjö (Sweden)

Nora Heroum Brighton (England)

Julia Tunturi Vittsjö (Sweden)

Iina Salmi Valencia (Spain)

Juliette Kemppi London City Lionesses (England)

Kaisa Collin Eskilstuna United (Sweden)

Sanni Franssi Real Sociedad (Spain)

Linda Sällström Paris Feminines (Ranska)

Jutta Rantala Kristianstad (Sweden)

Jenny Danielsson AIK (Sweden)

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