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Heidi Finland published a nostalgic picture 25 years ago – reminiscent of one of her traits with longing – Entertainment

Radio presenter Heidi Finland immersed herself in looking at old photographs.

Radio presenter Heidi Finland, 46, immersed himself in the middle of everyday life in Korona to reminisce about the past and published a nostalgic picture on Instagram years ago. A photo 25 years ago evoked conflicting feelings in a favorite presenter.

– I was browsing old pictures and made a contradictory observation: at the same time it feels as if the picture was taken just recently, and on the other hand, it feels like it is an eternity. Strange, he writes in connection with the picture.

– At that time, there were no cell phones yet (if there are very many cell phones), and I don’t have very many pictures from the 90’s. Probably also due in part to the fact that I didn’t like being filmed. Controversial in itself, too, because after a sports career, however, I did model work. Strange.

Finland says that it especially likes the authenticity that is conveyed from the time when the post-processing of photographs was still in its infancy. Finland was in its twenties at the time of the photo shoot.

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– I like this picture because it’s genuine. I can still be like that in 1995 – and now I don’t mean externally, he writes.

Finland, which today works as a presenter of Radio Nova, is a former athlete. After his sports career, he has worked for a long time in the media industry. In addition to Nova, he worked as a presenter on Radio Aalto and as a news anchor and sports journalist in MTV3’s Result Box.

Last fall, he said he went near death due to peritonitis. The situation that led to the operating table began in the middle of playing sports.

He reported what happened by posting a wild picture of his stomach after surgery. The picture showed how far Finland’s stomach had been opened.

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– The gastro-surgeon who cut me later said that the stomach had to be opened because the peritonitis had spread so widely. My condition had been life threatening. The abdominal lavage had taken two hours, Finland said.

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