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Heavy S-districts are fighting for property tax – moderate counter-campaign

In 2008, the old property tax was replaced by a municipal fee which today corresponds to a maximum of SEK 8,500 per year.

Now several Social Democratic party districts, including the largest – Stockholm and Skåne, want the party to go to the polls to reintroduce the tax.

– Today we have a system that means that those who have a cheap villa pay as much in fees as those who have a 20-million villa. This is a deeply unfair system, says Mattias Vepsä (S), member of Stockholm’s party district.

– With the challenges we have in our welfare, we want to adjust this – collect more tax from those who are in the best position, so that we can increase welfare for all.

Want to tax condominiums

At present, there is no exact proposal on how such a tax would be designed, but it is clear that the district wants to see both houses and condominiums taxed.

Would this proposal increase the cost for most households?

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– I can not answer that today, says Mattias Vepsä.

Strong reactions

The issue will be taken up for decision at the Social Democrats’ party congress this autumn, but the proposal has already provoked strong reactions.

The interest group Villaägarna has started a counter-campaign and the Moderates write on Instagram that they say no to a reintroduced property tax.

– We know that this type of property tax raises housing costs for hard-working people, but also for pensioners. Therefore, it is very unfortunate that the Social Democrats even propose this, says Elisabeth Svatesson (M), economic policy spokesperson.

Political foul play

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But Minister of Finance Magdalena Andersson believes that the Moderates are playing a political foul game.

The government has no plans to reintroduce the property tax, the minister said.

– My experience so far is that the party as a whole is not so interested in sending out election workers to knock on doors in townhouse areas about a reintroduced property tax.

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