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Health requires the use of masks, despite distances and spaces

A new regulation published in the BOE today toughens the use of these devices regardless of whether they can maintain safety distances or be in open spaces

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From today the use of the mask is mandatory, regardless of whether there is enough safety space or you are outdoors. The Government has published a new regulation, in the BOE, which states that “the mandatory use of masks on public roads, in open air spaces and in closed spaces for public use or that are open to the public, as well as in transport “.

With this, we again ensure the images of last summer when we normalize walking along the seashore with a mask or going out to the countryside with it, because the figures have to change a lot in three months and have an impact on vaccination. At the beginning of the fourth wave, with rising figures, the use of the mask has become essential as a measure of containment of the transmission and its correct use, especially the latter as the experts in Public Health have stressed many times.

Within the framework of Law 2/2021, of March 29, on urgent prevention, containment and coordination measures to face the health crisis caused by COVID19, the guidelines for action in this pandemic situation. In it, it is referenced how the practice of masks should be in different daily situations.

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“People six years of age and older are required to use masks in the following cases: a) On the public road, in outdoor spaces and in any closed space for public use or that is open to the public. b) In means of transport by air, sea, by bus, or by rail, as well as in public and private complementary transport of passengers in vehicles with up to nine seats, including the driver, if the occupants of the tourism vehicles do not coexist at the same address. In the case of passengers on ships and boats, it will not be necessary to wear masks when they are inside their cabin. ”

In addition, the text provides for exceptions. On the one hand, patients who cannot use it: “The obligation contained in the previous section will not be enforceable for people who present some type of illness or respiratory difficulty that may be aggravated by the use of the mask or who, due to their situation of disability or dependency, do not have autonomy to take off the mask, or show behavioral alterations that make its use impractical.

And again, place the sport as a time when its use is not required. “Neither shall it be required in the case of individual outdoor sport, nor in cases of force majeure or situation of necessity or when, due to the very nature of the activities, the use of the mask is incompatible, in accordance with the indications of the health authorities “.

Why point out now the already widespread use of the mask?

The approval of Law 2/2021, of March 29, has Of course, the next step of Royal Decree Law 21/2020 was approved in June and has been processed as law under the government promise to include the contributions of the rest of the parties. Although, finally, after passing through Congress and the Senate, it has not included any amendment by PP, Ciudadanos or Vox.

This decree, baptized as ‘decree of new normality’, has gone ahead without accepting practically any contribution from the rest of the political parties, keeping almost intact the initial text of the decree law approved by the Government urgently eight months ago and turning the process by law “into a farce” and “a takeover. hair “according to opposition parties such as the PP or Vox.

The interesting thing about the matter is that the use of the mask became mandatory during his time in the Senate through an amendment, since in Congress the rule only established the obligation for people, from the age of six, to wear a mask on public roads, in outdoor spaces and in any closed space for public or private use. that is open to the public, provided that it is not possible to guarantee the maintenance of an interpersonal safety distance of at least 1.5 meters.

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