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Headlines: After EU, India to curb vaccine exports

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It’s one of the headlines in the international press; victim like Europe of a new epidemic outbreak, “ India to cut vaccine exports», Title Washington Post, « to prioritize your own immunization program “. And ” the impact of this withdrawal is already starting to be felt around the world, and in particular in the poorest countries “, add the Post.

« It’s a blow to the global fight against covid », Considers for his part the Financial Times which recalls that India “ is one of the main suppliers of AstraZeneca vaccine “. The FT affirms in particular that the ” Serum Institute of India has been told to stop shipping for 2-3 months, potentially delaying the shipment of 5 million doses to the UK “. It is above all a hard blow ” for the poorest countries “, Pleads for his part the Wall Street Journal which underlines that “ the delivery of 100 million doses of vaccines to disadvantaged countries via the Covax system will therefore be delayed ».

However, the Washington Post, said to understand this suspension of exports while India is facing a second epidemic wave, “ The country with hundreds of millions of people living below the poverty line, underline the Post, depends entirely on its own vaccine supply “. The American daily also notes that “ unlike the United States, Great Britain and Europe, India has always exported more doses of vaccine than it gave to its own population ”.

Covid: Saarland, first German region to end restrictions

While Chancellor Merkel had to back down in the face of the outcry over containment measures, the small state of Saarland, a million inhabitants decided to end the restrictions, on simple presentation of negative tests, and this, as soon as April 6, just after Easter Monday. A decision, which spills a lot of ink in the German press. “ For Germans tired of the pandemic, underlines the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Saarland, like Mallorca, could soon become a place of nostalgia and escape from the daily sadness of the Covid “. The daily reports how “ gymnasiums, cinemas and even “ beer gardens », The gardens where you can drink beer will be allowed to reopen, subject to compliance with the rules of distancing and a negative test dated the same day ». « Saarland relies on rapid tests and low impact, this is a model experimental project », Considers for his part the Daily newspaper, which sweeps away the critics “ of those who denounce the Saar experience as negligence ». « Concerns may be justified, writes the TAZ, but is there another alternative? ».

UK teacher suspended for showing Muhammad caricature

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The case made the headlines of part of the British press, the Times and the Daily Telegraph also publish on the front page photos of a demonstration of Muslims gathered in front of this West Yorshire school. “ School apologizes for using Charlie Hebdo cartoons », Title Guardian who reports that the school principal has apologized to the parents for “ inappropriate use of cartoons »During a course in religious studies. The school also confirmed that “ the teacher had been suspended “. Demonstrations, “ bullying of teachers “, Qualified” unacceptable “By the Minister of Education Gavin Williamson, underlines in A Le Times, while the Daily Telegraph specifies that the teacher had to hide, while the demonstrators shouted “ catch him ».

Cruise ships far from the historic center of Venice

Large cruise ships “ will no longer dock at the Venice ferry terminal », Reports The Republic, « they will therefore no longer pass in front of Saint Mark’s Square », But will be diverted to the neighboring industrial port of Marghera. And here is the lagoon cleared for the moment in any case of these steel monsters “ in the name of the protection of cultural and historical heritage “, Points out the daily, which states that it is still only” a temporary solution “, And that the ministers concerned have launched a call for contributions” to find a definitive solution to the problem of the circulation of these large ships in Venice ».

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