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“He was an immense person”, the people of Lyon pay homage to Bertrand Tavernier

“He was an immense person, he shared his passion with us as a person,” breathes François-Xavier. This Lyonnais is still in shock at the disappearance of Bertrand Tavernier. The filmmaker, with almost encyclopedic knowledge about the object of his passion, died Thursday at the age of 79. In Lyon, in his city of birth and home, the inhabitants pay homage to him.

“It’s a great loss”

As soon as he heard the news of the director’s death, François-Xavier came to lay white roses in front of the gate of the Institut Lumière, created by Bertrand Tavernier to defend the heritage of cinema. “He was also a great filmmaker: Life and nothing else and Wipe, are magnificent films “, estimates this Lyonnais cinephile. François-Xavier also remembers this” crazy enthusiasm “and the” enormous character “which defined Bertrand Tavernier.” He could push a rant against the news and that ‘ was also why we loved him, “he continues.

He was a committed man, passionate about cinema, unbeatable even on American films. This is what Sonia tells us, who “learned to watch films by listening to Tavernier”. “I discovered all of Western literature also thanks to him,” she says. Before adding: “it is a great loss”.

A passionate fan of the history of cinema

The filmmaker also had a passion for the beginnings of cinema in his beloved city. “He knew everything about the Lumières Brothers,” says Gérard Collomb. “It is he who also helped save the Lumière castle and ensure that the hall of the first film becomes emblematic”, adds the former mayor of the city.

Bertrand Tavernier has filmed the capital of the Gauls on several occasions, in particular the district of Vieux Lyon in 1974 for the film. The Watchmaker of St Paul with Philippe Noiret.

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