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Hatik, Ninho … rappers boost the French music streaming market

During the lockdown, the French listened to a lot of music. And the good news is that unlike other sectors of culture hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis, this one is doing pretty well. According to figures from Snep (National Union of Phonographic Publishing), sales have indeed remained stable and this is largely thanks to the rappers.

Of the 20 best-selling albums in 2020, almost half are from rappers, like young Hatik’s. This is explained in particular by the exponential growth of streaming, which now represents half of the turnover of the recorded music sector. And among the populations who listen to streaming music the most, we find of course young people. Indeed, 96% of 16-24 year olds are affected, and they mainly listen to rap.

Streaming listens counted in album sales

This success can also be explained by the fact that since the record crisis, streaming listenings have been included in album sales. Hence the fact that rappers dominate the rankings. Like Ninho, for example, which points to second place on the best-selling albums this year after Vitaa and Slimane.

Another sign that the market is doing well, despite the crisis, physical sales have not been so affected. Sales have certainly fallen by 20%, but CDs and vinyls still represent more than a quarter of overall music sales in France.

And vinyl is far from out of fashion since its sales have even increased by 10%. But in this format it is not the rappers who prevail, but the great classics like Nirvana or Queen.

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