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Harry and Meghan’s scandal interview is feared to derail the whole court into chaos – insiders convince quite another – Royal

Finnish time The Sunday Oprah interview in the United States on Sunday and Monday nights can have big consequences. On the other hand, the royal family is said to be concerned about quite other things.

There has been a huge turmoil going on in Britain all weekend as the country has been waiting for the Prince to be presented in the United States on Sunday night with mixed feelings. Harry and the Duchess Meghanin interview. Oprah Winfreyn his interview is believed to contain very sensitive issues and is feared to cause a major crisis in the British court.

British media have reported over the weekend that the interview has already caused huge turbulence both inside and outside the court in advance.

The Sunday Timesin according to the court’s internal sources have branded the interview a “circus” and sought to make it clear that it is not, in fact, a matter of great importance to the court.

According to the magazine, the queen Elisabet will not watch the program at all, but he will completely ignore it. However, the court is said to be ready to respond to the allegations made by Harry and Meghan if the need arises.

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According to the magazine, some court insiders are also willing to strike back if Harry and Meghan make accusations against individuals in an interview.

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The Mirror According to the magazine, court insiders also believe that if Harry and Meghan make strong enough accusations against the court in their interview, even Queen Elizabeth is ready to intervene in the game.

According to the newspaper, crisis meetings have been held at Buckingham Palace in recent days to discuss how the interview will affect things in the court.

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Mirror even raises the possibility that Harry and Meghan could lose their title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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Court insiders claim that Queen Elizabeth is not going to watch the uproar interview between Meghan and Harry at all.­

However, according to The Sunday Times, the court is currently focusing on “bigger things” than a “toxic PR battle” with Meghan and Harry.

According to internal sources in the court who spoke to the newspaper, Queen Elizabeth, who has been living a long time in silence, plans to invest in work next week. He is said to really focus on the important things that the royals want to promote. Queen Elizabeth will also give her annual speech in Britain on Sunday night. So there is no room for a “useless circus” on the Queen’s to-do list.

– What should Monday really be all about? The return of the children to school, the functioning of the vaccine program – these are big things that the royal family wants to focus on, not the source of the news about the circus that Oprah and the Duke of Sussex are.

Also the prince Charlesin is said to be more concerned with completely different matters than a terrible interview. Daily Mailin according to Charles is currently focusing on his father as a prince Philip has spent three weeks in the hospital soon.

Prince Philip, 99, is being treated at a London hospital that is closely monitored around the clock.­

Harry and Meghan have been criticized for showing their interviews as Prince Philip recovers from heart surgery and the inflammation that tormented him.

According to The Sunday Times, employees at Buckingham Palace have also accused Harry and Meghan of engaging in a “war” against the court. According to a source who has worked in the court for a long time, it is outrageous how Harry and Meghan dig the ground under the monarchy.

– The atmosphere in the (royal) family is: could everyone just shut up so we can continue our daily work? the source describes The Sunday Times.

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