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Home Business Hardware stores may also be open during possible movement restrictions - Taloussanomat
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Hardware stores may also be open during possible movement restrictions – Taloussanomat

For business customers to secure supplies, a household may need a fire alarm or faucet seal.

Hardware and interior decoration stores intend to keep their doors open even if any restrictions on movement come into force. In addition to products that are important for security of supply, hardware stores also sell supplies that are necessary for home security, says the industry interest group, the building and interior decoration trade association Rasi.

During movement restrictions, households may need, for example, a new fire alarm to replace a broken one or a seal on a leaking faucet, describes Rasi’s CEO Minna Liuksiala. In addition, many professionals need the services of hardware and interior design stores.

– Hardware stores are also used by corporate customers, such as renovation and construction professionals, gardeners and loggers, who are looking for products in the hardware store to carry out their own business or business activities. It is therefore natural for the hardware store to remain open to ensure the continuity of construction professionals, Liuksiala says in a press release.

At the same time, hardware stores are preparing to act as pick-up points for pre-orders and thus to balance congestion in parcel deliveries. Customers are advised to use the Click and collect service model offered by hardware stores to make less urgent purchases.

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Rasi is on the same lines as the Confederation of Trade, which says picking up pre-orders from stores will help reduce congestion at parcel vending machines and congestion in distribution services.

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