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hardened protocol in schools, a headache for principals … and parents

It is a real headache which is announced in the schools of France. While, faced with the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic and the increase in contamination in schools, more and more voices are rising to demand the closure of establishments, the government has announced a strengthening of the health protocol. From Monday, the appearance of a case of Covid-19 in a classroom will cause its closure in the 19 most affected departments. But the measure could be complicated to put in place for both school directors and parents.

The immediate consequence of this measure announced Friday by Jean-Michel Blanquer is that the number of closed classes will continue to increase. Parents will therefore have to organize themselves accordingly and react very quickly. The same goes for school directors, who are already very worried, like Bruno Bobkiewicz, headmaster in Vincennes and member of SNPDEN, the National Union of National Education Management Staff. “We will have to quickly warn the students of the classes. The problem is not the same in college and high school, since we can start high school students, but less easily the middle school students,” he explains to Europe 1.

How to replace sick teachers?

“And then, after a few days, we will be on permanent exits and entrances. It will be very quickly extremely complicated to manage and above all, we will empty the establishments of their students,” he continues. The situation is likely to be particularly complicated in middle school, as families must be notified before the student leaves the school. In high school, on the other hand, students can leave on their own.

The concern also concerns the replacement of sick teachers. The Minister of National Education said Friday to provide replacements, without giving more details. The unions, both teachers and principals, are skeptical, because the pool is already empty and no secondary teacher is ever replaced on short notice for only seven to ten days.

“He is the man who can save himself”

On the parents ‘side, some regret being taken aback by these new constraints, such as Rodrigo Arenas, co-president of the Federation of Parents’ Councils (FCPE). “It’s simple, it’s the safe-who-can, it’s the shit, as from the beginning,” he annoys. “Those like Jean-Michel Blanquer who think that just a sick leave is enough have no reality of professional and economic relations in our country. It is not that easy to have your child looked after.”

For Rodrigo Arenas, “we will add more difficulty to the difficulty, because we refuse to put the money on the table which is necessary to ensure that the school is not a place of contamination as we do. know today “. And to demand: “We must do physical distancing, give free masks to children, allow children and teachers to wash their hands properly, which is not the case today.” “It seems to me that it is not a state policy to organize the generalized resourcefulness”, concludes this parent.

“Close school for a week, we can work out, but if it lasted …”

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Nicolas, father of a little girl who attended CM1, is less upbeat. Told him Sunday at 4 p.m. that his daughter’s class would be closed this week, but will be able to organize. “We had an email and the director took the trouble to call all the parents (…) She does what she can with the context,” he says, confident that she has already been able to organize herself with it. his own boss to stay at home. “We are lucky to be able to work from home, so we will organize ourselves between my wife and I to stay at home, work and also try to take care of Chloe, do her homework, and that she does not don’t spend too much time in front of the TV. ”

But, adds Nicolas, this situation cannot last forever. “Closing the school for a week, we can work out, now, if it lasted, it would be complicated,” he said. “It begs the question of whether children should not be vaccinated, because the ones who are most at risk or who allow viruses to circulate, I think are the children.”

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