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Hammarby secured a new futsal title after a penalty drama

It was a senseless drama where the match’s lyre was in losing Örebro. Adnan Cirak scored five goals for Örebro but was not allowed to give the club its first futsal gold.

– It’s so incredibly nice. There are so many who hate us. We have toiled and fought and had several deaths in our families and yet we are here and take home the gold, says Tolga Ayranci and is stormed by victorious teammates.

He saved a rock-hard penalty with the side of his face, it really stung, and when Peiman Pahlevan bombed in 11-9, Örebro could not catch up.

Four goals in overtime

In extra time, Özgür Yasar shot 5-4 for Hammarby after 3.16 (of 2×5 minutes). Straight from the front, he pulled on and a heavy shot that Martin Herlin could not hold. Just like before in the match, however, Adnan Cirak was able to equalize, to 5-5 less than a minute later. Maicon Tauan once again came up with a nice pass.

Hammarby’s goalkeeper Tolga Tolga Ayranci pulled off a kick and put 6-5 in an empty goal at the beginning of the second overtime five and showed attitude in the celebration. Once again, Cirak equalized with his fifth goal when he scored 6-6 via a precision shot at the post and then stood and bounced against the lying goalkeeper Tolga Ayranci and had to call a yellow card.

The final minute was the culmination of dramatic final minutes. With 44 seconds left, Ljeutrim Makolli looked to have decided for Hammarby when he directly shot 4-3 with a low shot between the goalkeeper, this in his first match since January 24.

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But with 25 seconds left, the match’s player Adnan Cirak held on again and was able to push in 4-4 for Örebro from close range. It took 19 seconds between goals.

However, it was even shorter between 2-3 and 3-3.

Adnan Cirak had a free kick to put 3-2 for Örebro but Hammarby’s goalkeeper Tolga Ayranci saved. With 3.21 left, Hammarby pushed high and Peiman Pahlevan found his way forward and elegantly scored 3-2 for Hammarby.

It took only 14 seconds before Adnan Cirak stayed ahead and scored 3-3 for Örebro after a long opening pass from Maicon Tauan.

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Örebro led 2-0 after the first half in the Old Sports Hall in Örebro. But Özgür Yasar reduced to 2-1 almost immediately after the break.

With seven minutes left of the 20-minute half, Hammarby came in a quick change and the ball was played into Örebro’s penalty area where Adnan Cirak, who scored the 2-0 goal, threw himself forward and unfortunately steered in 2-2 in his own goal.

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Here is the goal that Susan Kiryo submitted to Neymar’s competition. Photo: Screenshot / Bildbyrån

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