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Hamilton narrowly beats Verstappen in blood-curdling duel GP Bahrain | NOW

Lewis Hamilton won the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday. The British reigning world champion managed to keep Max Verstappen behind him with his Mercedes. The Dutchman went just off the track in a decisive overtaking action and had to give the spot back.

Valtteri Bottas took third place in the second Mercedes.

At the start, Verstappen narrowly kept Hamilton behind towards the first corner. Then the battle was immediately interrupted at the front because debutant Nikita Mazepin flew into the wall with his Haas and the safety car entered the track.

The opening phase was still chaotic after that, including spins for Mick Schumacher and Pierre Gasly who lost his front wing thanks to the rear wheel of Daniel Ricciardo. Then there was a tactical battle with different strategies.

Hamilton stayed short behind Verstappen and dove in on the fourteenth lap, and thus end up in front of the Dutchman through the ‘undercut’. Red Bull stuck to its own plan and let Verstappen continue for longer.

Hamilton and Verstappen on different strategies

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Ultimately, the Limburger made his first stop on the eighteenth lap, after which he came back on track second behind Hamilton. The Red Bull did get a set of medium tires, while Hamilton got hard tires at his pit stop.

With his softer tires, Verstappen closed the gap towards Hamilton, who then made another pit stop in the 29th laps before the Dutchman really appeared in his mirrors.

Verstappen kept driving and came back on track eight seconds behind Hamilton with 16 laps to go. At the pit stop he had received a new set of hard tires.

Red Bull’s tactics seemed stronger and Verstappen passed Hamilton in a decisive fight, but went too far off the track. The team told him over the on-board radio that Verstappen had to give up the lead again.

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