Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Halmstad municipality warns manager after high-profile protest video

It was in February that staff and users in daily activities participated in a protest video against planned schedule changes. The video was posted on social media and received a lot of attention.

Initially, employees who had been in the film were suspended from their jobs. When, after an investigation, they were allowed to return to work, a manager was instead suspended for five weeks.

The municipality has now investigated the manager’s actions and decided to notify the manager of the dismissal, reports Hallandsposten. Cecilia Wärnestål, HR manager for the municipality’s education and labor market administration, confirms the decision, but does not want to state the reasons for SVT.

In the clip, the influencer Caroline Arvidsson tells why she made the protest video together with the employees on a daily basis.

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In the clip above, Caroline tells more about why she made the clip and how she views the municipality’s actions. Photo: SVT / Private

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