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H65 Belongs to the semifinals after a late turn

– Today was not the best level we can achieve. We have to rise if we are to win the semi-final, says Höör’s three-goal shooter Emma Lindkvist to C More after the match.

VästeråsIrsta was down 0-2 in matches before Tuesday’s quarterfinals. With the knife to the throat, they started in the worst possible way and were six-1 down after six minutes. Before the half was over, they had both woken up and had time to catch up both with and around the Scanians.

Goalkeeper match between the sisters

The team was also followed in the second half VästeråsIrsta all the time one or a couple of goals before H65 Höör. Little sister Tyra Schjött, 18, looked to win the sister fight with Irma Schjött, 22. The two goalkeepers had a break, both had over 50 in save percentage.

At the position 23-23, H65 Höör got the chance to take the lead for the first time in the second half. Evelina Källhage’s penalty was harsh but was saved by little sister Schjött in the Västerås goal who got a leg out. The 18-year-old had time to cheer and lift her fists for a second before she saw the ball slump down into the goal out of reach of her. That she with her 15 saves against the big sister’s 11 won the goalkeeper match is hardly consoling enough.

Because it was the little finger that made the people of Skåne take the whole hand. They had quickly scored both one and two more goals. With five minutes left in the game, H65 Höör led with four balls. Despite a strong final forcing, the Scanians were able to hold off and eventually win 28-26.

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