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Greens want reform of earnings-related unemployment protection – duration shortened or extended depending on employment situation in the region – Politics

The ruling party also hopes for more work-related immigrants in the 80,100 to 100,000 decades.

Green presented its own proposals until the end of the term.

In employment policy, the Greens had a few new openings, of which the variation in the duration of earnings-related unemployment insurance according to the business cycle was the most surprising.

The Greens argue that earnings-related unemployment protection would be extended when there is less job available and shortened when there are plenty of job vacancies in the area.

Minister of the Interior, Chairman Maria Ohisalo (vihr) could not say how this cyclical earnings-related unemployment protection could be put into practice.

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– The matter needs to be researched, and we need to get models for it on the table and see what it means in practice. Would it be that in a given economic cycle – when there is even less work available – it would be longer, for example, by a month. Or when a job is available, earnings security could be a little shorter, Ohisalo told IS.

– In such a world in which we live, it is clear that we cannot think about this at this point. We must be prepared to make a long line of structural reforms, Ohisalo continued.

On the greens there were also wholesale other employment proposals.

The Greens would renew their goal of bringing 80,000–100,000 work-related immigrants to Finland within a decade.

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– This goal will not happen by itself. We want to bring concrete action. The debate will focus on asylum seekers and work-related immigration. At the same time, it is forgotten that a large part also move here for study and family reasons. There is a huge potential in the labor market, especially for those coming for family reasons.

– We propose to develop wage support for immigrants so that it could also develop their language skills, opportunities to study with unemployment benefits should be extended and immigrants should also be given special emphasis in the municipal experiment, Ohisalo listed.

Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo reminded that the Greens are not in the government alone with their goal of increasing work-related immigration. According to Ohisalo, for example, the city center has similar goals.­

Ohisalo reminded that the government partner center is on the same lines as the Greens in work-related immigration, as the center has also presented tens of thousands of work-related immigrants each year.

Government party The Greens also want to reduce the number of people retiring on disability.

– This is especially true for mental health reasons. Mental health problems have been a very common reason for retiring on disability. Mental disorders were also the second most common cause of sick leave. The phenomenon particularly affects young people and often those who are just entering the labor market. With the therapy guarantee, access to treatment would be clarified and queues would be shortened, Ohisalo saw.

According to green calculations, it could be possible to get 9,000 people on disability pensions back into the labor market.

The party also proposed free part-time day care for half a year for parents of a child under two years of age. The Greens believe this would improve the ability of parents of young children to take up employment.

In addition, the Greens had hopes for their traditional environmental projects and hopes for additional investment in education and research.

The Greens did not have a price tag on how much its proposals would increase government spending.

Case corrected at 4.30pm: Two paragraphs of the article incorrectly talked about unemployment pension. It was a disability pension.

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