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Green steel will provide 10,000 new jobs: Now moving to Norrbotten is required

Three investments in fossil-free iron and steel in Norrbotten could revolutionize the entire steel industry. In Boden, H2Greensteel is investing SEK 25 billion in a new factory for 1,500 employees. And probably at least double in side jobs.

– We can not do this without moving in, says Marita Lundgren, head of the Public Employment Service in Norrbotten.

At the site bank in Luleå, there are currently 1,200 vacancies. This year, 2,000 jobseekers have already found work. Norrland has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. The lowest in Norrland are Kiruna and Gällivare with an unemployment rate below 5 percent. In Västmanland and Sörmland, the figure is over 10 percent. Skåne tops with just over 11 percent.

The steel industry is building giant plants that will make the steel fossil-free. Technology that allows several million tonnes of emissions from coal and coke to disappear.

– I think it attracts many to work with environmental technology that will have enormous significance for the future, says Carina Sammeli (S) municipal councilor in Luleå.

There are SSAB’s steelworks, and the pilot plant Hybrit, which on an experimental scale is starting to make green steel with hydrogen instead of coal. This week it was announced that the new large-scale facility will end up in Gällivare.

More new jobs

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In the Ore Fields, LKAB needs 3,000 new annual jobs – plus side jobs. The big thing now is to start refining the iron ore into iron fungus, fossil-free without coal.

In all municipalities in Norrbotten except Luleå, the number of people of working age is decreasing. The employment service sees an aging population – many retire and more and more elderly people need care and attention.

According to Marita Lundgren, all the workforce that currently exists in the county is needed to fill in for retirements. If you want to do thousands of new jobs, people from outside are required, she says. Both to industry, healthcare and service. You have to attract people from the south.

– Now it is required that the moving load turns. Before it was said (in Norrlandish) “we moved in” now people have to think “we moved here”.

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