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Great interest when wind power training starts in Sundsvall – new skills are in demand

High altitudes and fresh weather. This is something that future student Lukas Toljamo is looking forward to. He is very much looking forward to climbing up in a wind turbine.

– You already feel the urge to climb to that height. Of course you can climb a mountain but not everyone can climb a wind turbine, says Lukas Toljamo.

New skills are needed

More wind power and more efficient technology mean new needs for skills and manpower. Lernia wants to start a vocational education in wind power technology in Sundsvall to give Sweden the right skills that are needed most in wind power technology. Many have shown interest in the education.

– The interest is huge. We have a lot of applications that come in daily, says Annika Hägglund, who also hopes that the education will be kept in place during the autumn with covid-19 in mind.

Why did you apply for the education?

– I have felt that I need something to strive for. Something I feel I want to do with this. I immediately fell for it because I like technology and this is very concrete, says Lukas Toljamo.

Hoping for more collaborations

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Given that computers handle most things today, do you think it can affect the ability to get a job after graduation?

– Absolutely not, we will always need people who can troubleshoot, analyze and interpret problems that arise in the industry. There are jobs and it will be needed, says Annika Hägglund. Who also hopes for future collaborations with those who work in the wind power industry to bring out the right skills needed in the market.

The education is two years and starts on 23 August.

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In the clip, you will find out more about the expansion of wind power in Sweden – and why it needs to increase Photo: SVT

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