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Government: Sweden must cope with a doubled use of electricity

Sweden’s total consumption today is 140TWh. LKAB has talked about future needs of 55 TWh more in 20 years. In addition, there are facilities such as H2 Greensteel, Hybrit, and Northvolt that need a lot of electricity.

The government sets the goal of managing doubled electricity use in 20-25 years.

– It is absolutely possible, we have seen investments in renewable energy in recent years of 80-90 billion, says Minister of Energy Anders Ygeman to SVT.

Both he and researchers at today’s meeting agree that wind power today is the cheapest way to produce new electricity. The Moderates who talked about new nuclear power plants also agree:

– Yes, wind power is the cheapest today, but I think we need both nuclear power and wind power, says Lars Hjälmered’s energy policy spokesperson.

Local opposition puts sticks in the wheels

Today, local resistance is a problem for wind power. The government wants to tighten legislation to speed up the processes, but the Moderates lack concrete proposals in the risk day.

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At the meeting, the idea was raised that wind power owners should pay municipal property tax. The idea is that financial gain locally will increase acceptance, but both S and M, say no.

Surface is at cost

The government wants to see more offshore wind power. The discussion also points out that nuclear power is “surface efficient”. Three nuclear reactors in Forsmark provide electricity such as several thousand wind turbines. The question is whether people are willing to pay more expensive electricity – to avoid wind turbines in their vicinity. Neither S nor M answer yes to that question:

– For individuals, it may be so, but it is the total cost to society that determines whether Sweden will be able to compete, says Lars Hjälmered.

– I do not think electricity consumers are willing to increase their electricity bill, to get a certain type of energy, says Anders Ygeman.

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