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Government gets a decent boost on border security – “Few citizens can fit in” – Politics

On Tuesday, Parliament discussed the government’s bill on forced testing at the border.

Government received a severe outburst from the opposition on Tuesday for failing to prevent the coronavirus from crossing the Finnish border in time.

Yesterday, Parliament dealt with an exceptional number of big issues in one day. The bill enabling mass tests at Finland’s borders was only one of them, but the debate repeatedly meandered to the “compulsory tests” and certificates of negative corona test required for entry.

– The legal sense of a few citizens is that borders leak at the same time as young people do not have access to activities, livelihoods are restricted in many ways and older people in particular have to live in great isolation, Mari-Leena Talvitie (kok) said.

Representatives marveled that border security had still not been restored, even though a year had passed since the beginning of the corona crisis.

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– The fact is that the virus and its carriers are still flashing, flying and walking across borders. And nothing has been done about it for a year, MP Riikka Purra (ps) said.

The government’s previous drafting of the law also played a part. Attempts were made to get compulsory testing into law as early as last year, but the bill did not pass through Parliament.

– it was not a question of Parliament preventing forced testing and the fixing of borders from the corona, but of the fact that those presentations had been made extremely badly, Timo Heinonen (kok) said.

Minister of Family and Basic Services Krista Kiurun (sd) reported that information on virus variants made it possible to introduce stricter restrictions.

Minister of Family and Basic Services Krista Kiuru and Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson at the plenary session of Parliament on Tuesday.­

– Personally, I would have liked to have been able to decide alone that the borders had been closed in August. There was no such possibility. But this transformation virus made it possible that this action was considered absolutely necessary and the volume of traffic was calculated so that it was possible to direct all Finns to testing.

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Parliament also discussed amendments to the Communicable Diseases Act, which will allow for new restrictions on restaurant opening hours and customer seats, as well as the closure of sports venues, following the current closure.

Coalition representatives criticized the government for not having a vision for the future for restaurant entrepreneurs, meaning they have not been able to anticipate future restrictions. Representatives also suspected the restrictions were so strict that restaurants could not actually operate.

Co-ordinator Mari-Leena Talvitie said a restaurant entrepreneur called the ongoing wave in the industry a “complete slaughter”.

– This is practically a complete closure for food restaurants without full support, Timo Heinonen said.

Minister Kiuru questioned the understanding of some representatives about the seriousness of the situation.

– In this debate, the disease situation seems to be lagging behind the representatives very much. The situation is very serious at the moment, and these speeches are not entirely appropriate for this disease situation, Kiuru said.

– We have to make these nasty performances because there is no other option. And this is not to hear any kind of track that has already been so abandoned that in the midst of such a crisis it would be easy to bring these performances here.

Coalition MP Timo Heinonen.­

According to Kiuru, there is a prospect for the future if the situation can be read correctly.

– And for that we need MPs who also know how to understand what we are doing here together.

After listening to the Minister’s speech, the Coalition Party Heinonen described himself as “whipped”.

– Quite a rush to the Finnish Parliament, which will have to act in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution and ensure that the proposals are in accordance with the Constitution, Heinonen said.

– And I do not understand that now this transformation virus would have somehow changed our legal basis from the point of view that it would now provide better opportunities for forced testing or other measures.

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