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Google may soon release Fuchsian for developers – Digitoday

The Fuchsia operating system, developed by Google over the years, may soon receive a preliminary developer release, 9to5Google estimates.

For the first time, Google’s Fuchsia operating system is getting into the hands of developers properly, 9to5Google writes. Fuchsia, previously only available as source code and difficult to install, has received branches of development in recent months, from which the first actual release for developers is close.

It is not yet about Fuchs becoming widely used. It can take years. But 9to5Google still expects a significant milestone for a long-standing project that is still somewhat of a mystery.

Fuchsia was hated in 2016 when Google released the project in its own code repository and Github web service.

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It may be some kind of cross-platform operating system that can be run on phones, laptops, and IoT devices. One goal is to make Fuchsia Linux-independent unlike Android.

Google’s own documentation said that the Magenta kernel used by Fuchsia is aimed not only at embedded solutions, but also at modern smartphones and PCs that use high-speed processors and have a brisk working memory.

It remains to be seen whether Fuchs is even intended to replace Google’s current operating systems, namely Android and Chrome OS.

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