Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Google Maps wants to make navigating shopping centers and airports easier | NOW

Google Maps will be getting several new functions in the near future. For example, the online map service will soon also be used indoors at selected places abroad, the tech giant announced in a blog on Tuesday.

The new feature, called Indoor Live View, uses augmented reality to navigate shopping centers, airports and train stations. A user can then hold up his phone and point his camera at the surroundings, after which Google Maps indicates on the image with arrows where he should go.

In this way it would be easier to find, for example, a specific store in a large shopping center or a toilet in an airport. The function is not completely new: it has been working in uncovered locations for some time.

For now, the new feature is only available in select malls in the United States. Google wants to expand this in the coming months to include train stations and airports in Tokyo and Zurich. After that, more cities should follow.

In addition to Indoor Live View, Google is working on another new feature that will calculate the most eco-friendly route. This is a driving route in which users emit less CO2. The feature should become available in the United States later this year.

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The new features that have been announced will not all be released at once. It is still unclear when they will be available around the world.

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