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golf has experienced renewed interest since the start of the health crisis


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Attendance at golf courses has increased sharply since the Covid-19 crisis. It is indeed one of the few sports that the French can still practice despite health restrictions.

Golf enthusiasts have grown in number since the start of the health crisis. “Since there is the coronavirus, I have the impression that there are more people, because it is one of the few sports that you can do where there is no risk”, comments Christophe Machenaud, licensed from the Saint-Etienne golf course (Loire). Even in a period of health crisis, the practice of golf is possible, respecting a strict health protocol: no more than three people at the start of the course, and social distancing on the practice.

“I discovered it out of family passion, I wanted to get into it, discover, explains a practitioner. It’s really technical, and it’s taking “. Another rejoices to be able “to take some fresh air” and relax. If the Saint-Etienne golf course does not have more licensees since the Covid-19 crisis, the attraction for the discipline is certain. “With word of mouth, people who already play promote golf a bit. People say to themselves ‘after all, golf is outdoors’. We don’t want to stay locked in like in a gym”, explains Julien Perrichon, director of golf, who claims to have observed “renewed”.

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