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Godzilla vs. Kong, Nomadland and other Easter movie premieres

Friday, March 26, 2021 – 01:30

The billboard is renewed for another week with films reaching theaters. On March 26 they are released Godzilla vs. Kong Y Nomadland, one of the favorite films for the next Oscars. But there are more options to enjoy cinema on the big screen, such as Monster Hunter, Oblivion and Len, Liberty….

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    Five reasons not to miss Nomadland, an Oscar movie

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    Movie at home.

    It snows in Benidorm and Las nias, star films of the Women of Cinema Online Festival


(Accin ‘made in Hollywood’)

Two icons face to face. Two beasts that have made movie history and now come together in an action movie. And a special effects display in which actors such as Alexander Skarsgrd, Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) The Rebecca Hall. All this and more is what offers a Hollywood blockbuster that has had more than 200 million dollars of budget and that the return of the blockbusters to the billboard after many months.


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(Oscar melodrama)

Frances McDormand stars in a melodrama that opts to six Oscar and that it could win him his third golden statuette. The story that this film tells is that of Fern, a woman who years ago lost her husband and her ‘lifelong job’ and he got into a van looking for something better. On her journey, the protagonist of the film meets other nomads like her with whom she shares experiences in different corners of the United States. A film that directs Chlo Zhao (The Rider) and reflects a very special way of life in which contact with nature and self-management prevail.


(Action with Milla Jovovich)

Jovovich mile returns to participate in an action tape. On this occasion, the actress from The fifth element and the saga Resident Evil he leads a group of soldiers who travel, by chance, to an alternative world. There they will have to be vigilant if they want to stay alive and not be swallowed by monsters of enormous dimensions. An action story with chases and shootings that adapts a successful video game. Directs Paul W. S. Anderson, Jovovich’s husband and a genre specialist thanks to titles like Resident Evil, Alien vs. Predator The Death Race.


(Adventures with bandits)

Baby, singer and actress (The education of fairies, Catica Ana), head this ambitious production which premieres, at the same time, in cinemas as a film and in Movistar + as a series. Enrique Urbizu He is the director of a film that tells the story of La Llanera, a woman released from prison after 17 years. Is he XIX century And neither she nor her son will have an easy time escaping from bandits, governors, and other people who wish them the worst. To highlight the role as secondary of Isak Frriz, Luis Callejo and Jorge Suquet.


Carmen Machi and Pepn Nieto star in A PTICAL EFFECT, a comedy in which a couple goes on a trip to New York and discovers that nothing is really what it seems. And they’re not even in the Big Apple …

Very different is the story that tells FORGOTTEN AND LEN. This melodrama recovers the characters that Marta Larralde and Guillem Jimnez played 15 years ago to discover how they fare later. The little ones in the house have a good reason to go to the movies: TOM Y JERRY, a film in which the two animated characters live a thousand and one adventures in real settings.

In addition, three documentaries are released: Traitors, which recalls ETA militants who abandoned the armed struggle; WAY, on the prominent (and little recognized) role played by women in Galician industry; Y MR. HAND SOLO, about a boy with a deformed arm who has never stopped trying to get others to notice him beyond that part of his body.

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