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GGD stops deep nose testing in children up to the age of twelve | NOW

All GGDs in the Netherlands stop the deep nose test for all children up to the age of twelve. From April 4, all children up to the age of twelve will only be offered a shallow nose test, in combination with the throat test.

The new national line has been agreed after pediatricians called for it.

Chairman of the Dutch Pediatric Association (NVK) Károly Illy said earlier that the GGDs should all use shorter test sticks to check children up to and including primary school age as gently as possible for the corona virus. The shorter rod is already in full use in hospitals.

Using the ‘children’s rods’ offers sufficient certainty about possible infections, according to Illy. He compared the feeling of a short stick to that of picking the nose.

The RIVM says that since the reopening of day care centers and primary schools, ways are being looked at to increase the willingness to test among children. Various studies have shown that the sensitivity of deep nose tests in children is often around 80 percent and even up to 100 percent if there are viruses, says spokesman Coen Berends.

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Most of the 25 GGDs used the deep nose test and throat sampling so far, says Berends. “That was enough and not too bad for most children, but where it can be less invasive, that is great.”

A number of GGDs have already carried out the midnasal tests and are looking at how quickly they can implement the new method on a larger scale. Staff are currently being trained to conduct shallow tests, according to GHOR, the umbrella organization of GGDs.

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