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Germany is on the brink of the third wave, according to epidemiologist NOW

The number of positive corona tests in Germany has increased by 20 percent in the past week, epidemiologist Dirk Brockmann tells the German television channel ARD. According to Brockmann affiliated with the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the country is on the brink of the third wave.

According to the medical expert, there is a connection between the exponential growth in the number of new positive tests and the relaxation of corona measures.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and state leaders decided to extend the lockdown earlier this month, but there was also room to relax some measures. The rules in a federal state can be tightened if the number of positive tests per 100,000 inhabitants exceeds 100 for several days in a row.

Nationally, the number of corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants stood at 83 on Monday. The RKI, the German counterpart of the RIVM, has warned that by mid-April there could be two hundred positive tests per 100,000 inhabitants. This concern is related to the rapid spread of the British variant of the virus, which is seen as extra contagious.

Number of positive tests in Germany

Germany also temporarily stopped using the AstraZeneca vaccine

Germany temporarily stopped using AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine on Monday. This was a precautionary measure after multiple reports of blood clots in vaccinated people had come in. The Netherlands has also suspended vaccination with the drug.

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Epidemiologist Brockmann emphasized the importance of providing a good picture of the risks. He said the risk of death from the coronavirus is many times higher than the chance of people dying from disease symptoms associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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