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Germany classifies the whole of France as a “high risk” area

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                The increase in the number of infections due to Covid-19 in France is prompting reactions in Germany.  Regularly, the authorities review their classification of different regions or countries according to the intensity of the pandemic.  Berlin has decided to classify the whole of France to be counted among the areas of high incidence.  Until now, France was a risk zone.  A decision that sparked alarmed reactions and whose practical consequences remain modest.

                                    <p><span><span><span><span><span><span><em>With our correspondent in Berlin</em>, <strong>Pascal Thibault</strong></span></span></span></span></span></span>

« When looking at incidence rates, it is simply a de facto necessity, a virtually automatic process. “. Angela Merkel, Thursday evening, had already warned: the increase in the number of infections in France could have consequences. On Friday, a decision that was no longer a surprise was made official: the whole of France as well as the overseas territories will be considered by Germany from Sunday as a high-impact area and no longer just to risk.

Concretely, the changes remain modest: people entering Germany will have to have a Covid PCR or negative antigen test carried out in the last 48 hours. Until today, this test has to be done within two days of entering German soil. The quarantine rules remain the same.

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The border remains open. Cross-border workers are not subject to a quarantine and must perform two tests per week. Exceptions are made for visits to Germany for professional reasons or for certain private reasons. They do not apply to entries from an area where a variant of the virus circulates, a category in which the Moselle department has been located for a month.

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