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German authorities warn: Third Corona wave could bring up to 100,000 new infections a day – “We have very difficult weeks ahead” – Abroad

According to Health Minister Jens Spahn, Germany is now in the final leg of the “pandemic marathon,” but health care frontiers may still be met before reaching the finish line.

German health officials warned on Friday that the now-rising wave of coronavirus is likely to be harder to control than the previous two. The main reason for this, they say, is the British variant of the virus, which infects more effectively from person to person.

– There are clear signs that this wave will be worse than the previous two waves. We have some very difficult weeks ahead, said director of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German national expert institute for infectious diseases. Lothar Wieler at a press conference on Friday.

According to Wieler, it cannot be ruled out that the number of infections in Germany could rise to as many as 100 000 new cases a day if adequate measures are not taken. On Friday, 21,573 coronary infections were registered in the country during the previous day.

The highest number of daily infections has been in Germany to date on 18 December, when 31,553 new infections were detected.

In the Rheinpark park in Cologne, the spring heat of 16 degrees was enjoyed on Wednesday.­

Daily infection rates have risen steadily in Germany since mid-February, fueled by the British variant of the virus. At the same time, some of the previous interest rate restrictions were lifted.

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Minister of Health Jens Spahnin according to Germany is now in the final leg of the “pandemic marathon”. However, he warned that despite this, the boundaries of the country’s health care system could meet within April.

At a press conference, Spahn called on local authorities to take a more flexible approach to vaccine distribution, including by offering unused doses of vaccine during the week to anyone over the age of 70 on weekends.

The Germans are frustrated by the clutter in the distribution of vaccines. About 10 percent of them have received at least their first dose of vaccine to date.

Corona restrictions have also dampened the terraces of central Munich.­

Ascending the combination of infection rates, compulsive vaccine distribution and the angry backlash caused by new restrictions has German waves according to this week a particularly challenging Chancellor Angela Merkelin to the government.

On Wednesday, Merkel had to back down from what had been done a day earlier decision tightens the earth’s crown ban over the Easter saints. The next day, the health ministry announced new restrictions on tourism, which are due to take effect next week.

The restrictions require all those arriving in Germany by air to report a negative corona test result, whereas previously it was only required for those arriving from high-risk countries.

A group of German tourists were photographed on Friday at Palma de Mallorca airport after their plane landed in Mallorca.­

Now the government is already being told to investigate whether it would be possible under the law to temporarily ban holidays abroad altogether. If this succeeds, it would again be a new change to decisions made just a little earlier.

After the Berlin local government eased travel restrictions a couple of weeks ago, Germans are excited to fly for Easter holidays to Mallorca, Spain, for example. This has aroused resentment, as at the same time domestic tourism has been restricted in Germany with a heavy hand.

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