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Gentle return to local education in upper secondary schools

At the end of last week, the municipalities in Östergötland that have upper secondary schools consulted with the region’s infection control to discuss how they should act after the Easter break.

– We reflected on the fact that many young people do not feel well mentally from distance education. A year ago, it was a bit of a pleasure for the news, but in the long run it has caused concern. We balance a bit on a slack line. It is obvious that more local education is needed, especially for those who are about to graduate, says Per-Arne Sterner, head of education in Motala.

“Must be infection-proof”

Kristina Lohman, operations manager for the high school in Mjölby, says that a decision will be made on the issue on Tuesday or Wednesday.

– We have conversations with the employees. A return must be infection-proof. It’s an awful lot of work: For example, sharing classes, making sure there are lunch boxes, she says.

Lohman also says that the idea of ​​borrowing premises from adult education exists.

Adult education

The head of children and education in Söderköping, Anders Palmgren, points out that they continuously work with local risk analyzes.

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– We have an advantage because we have high school together with adult education and the latter have distance education. Then we can thin out the high school students.

“Successive and controlled”

From Finspång Anders Pantzar, head of education, announces that they will return to local education “gradually and in a controlled manner”.

– We can not go up to 100 percent right away. We increase local education one year at a time. Especially for the three. We follow this closely and see how it develops. We have had a fairly normal infection situation after Christmas.

You can hear how Linköping acts in the video above.

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