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Galaktionov does not consider Maslov’s mistakes critical, and urged to support the football player

The head coach of the Russian youth football team Mikhail Galaktionov expressed his opinion on the actions of defender Pavel Maslov, whose actions led to the appointment of two penalties against the team in the match of the second round of the group stage of the European Football Championship – 2021 among players under 21 years old with the French national team.

“We just talked. He’s very upset. I supported him from my side, the team also supports. The easiest thing now is to throw everything at the young player. But in this way we can bury him and psychologically kill him. It is not right. We need to support the guy and show what mistakes need to be corrected. They are not critical. Unfortunately, they turned out to be effective. This is not his problem. This means that they have not finished everything. The whole team takes the blame, “Galaktionov said at a press conference.

The meeting ended with a score of 2: 0 in favor of the French, who converted two penalties in the first half – in the 15th and 24th minutes. In both cases, penalties were awarded for violations by Maslov.

According to the results of two rounds, the Russian national team takes the third place in the group, gaining 3 points. The French, also with three points, are second due to additional indicators. Denmark is in the lead – 6 points. Iceland is in fourth place with no points.

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Earlier it was reported that Galaktionov commented on the appointment of two penalties in the match with France.

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