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Fruits may cause trouble to this category during the current season – our life – features

The German Dietetic Association reports that pollen allergy sufferers who suffer greatly during the spring season may have some trouble eating certain foods such as fruits, vegetables and nuts.

The association explained that there are similarities between allergens in some foods and pollen to the point that the immune system cannot differentiate them.

The German Association stated that patients with allergies to birch pollen or hazelnuts often also suffer from an allergy to fruits with seeds or kernels such as apples, cherries, kiwis, plums, apricots, pears, mangoes, hazelnuts and raw almonds.

The symptoms of an allergy are a feeling of numbness in the mouth area, a sore throat, a feeling of roughness in the tongue, in addition to the characteristic symptoms of allergies such as redness of the skin, rash and itching.

In this case, patients should consult a nutritionist to find out how these foods can be prepared so that they can be tolerated. For example, patients can tolerate apples when heated or eaten in the form of compote.

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