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Frog play went too far – babysitter accused of aggravated child sexual abuse – Domestic

The charge of a thirty babysitter fell. According to the court, a five-year-old child could open the loose buttons of the babysitter’s jeans himself.

Thirty the nanny avoided conviction in a case where she was accused of gross sexual abuse of a child.

A man who worked for a childcare company had gone to the family in 2018 with a quick alert when the family’s father had unexpectedly had to work remotely.

He had played with the children of the family, in which he played the role of a frog. The task of the frog did little to “die” so that the children of the family could bring him to life with a magic wand.

He had slept motionless on the couch and presented the dead so that the family’s five-year-old child could come and save him.

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Surprisingly, the child had grabbed his jeans and sniffed that he was kissing a pippel. The buttons on his jeans had opened and his genitals had been revealed, at least in part. The situation had been over in seconds.

When the family later ate lunch, the child suddenly said he had bagged a babysitter’s pippi at the dinner table. The father of the family called the police to find out what had happened.

The babysitter was charged with aggravated child sexual abuse. According to the father, the child had regressed after what had happened and started talking about himself in the third person, as he had done as a younger child.

The child’s behavior had also become radically more restless and he had also been diagnosed with a traumatic stress reaction.

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According to the prosecutor, the babysitter had caused the child to touch the genitals under the guise of play. According to the prosecutor, it would have been impossible for the five-year-old to reveal the nanny’s genitals without his involvement, given that the buttons on the jeans were closed.

In court examined those jeans. The smear of the jeans was found to open easily because the button openings were worn and loosened. This fact supported the babysitter’s report to some extent.

The child himself had said in his own hearing that in the frog play it had been possible to “be saved” if he bagged a babysitter in a pippel. According to the child, the play had been invented by a babysitter.

However, according to the court, the child’s account was weakened by the fact that he did not report the events at the hearing on his own initiative. The child also left most of the questions unanswered. An accurate picture of the course of events was therefore not available.

Even the change in the child’s behavior did not prove that the child was sexually abused by the babysitter. According to the court, the child may have already felt harassed by the mere presence of the police and the interrogations.

Charge aggravated child sexual abuse has now been dismissed in the Itä-Uusimaa District Court and the Helsinki Court of Appeal.

The nanny told the court the prosecution felt mentally heavy. Because of what happened, she never wants to take care of children unknown to herself again.

The babysitter said she stayed mentally together and cared for her daily life only with the power of knowing she had done nothing wrong or wrong to anyone.

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