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French musician Adrien La Marca shares his quarantine in Hong Kong on social networks

Deprived of concerts in France and in most European countries due to the Covid-19 pandemic, musicians sometimes go far to find the public and must comply with very heavy constraints. This is the case of the violist Adrien La Marca. The Frenchman is in quarantine in Hong Kong for 21 days, a sine qua non condition to be able to play at the end of the month with a local orchestra. Since his arrival, Adrien La Marca has posted daily videos on social networks, always accompanied by the phrase “For the love of music”.

“Hello everyone, I just arrived after a 24 hour trip”, posted, Sunday February 28, Adrien La Marca, for his first video. Since then, it has been a daily ritual, one of the moments that punctuate his day, shared between the work of his instrument, sport and meals. All this without ever leaving your room, because in Hong Kong, we do not joke with the quarantine. “I was put on a small electronic bracelet when I arrived at the airport and I cannot leave the perimeter of my room or go out into the corridor”, says the musician.

“You can’t open the windows so I can’t take in the fresh air. There’s a $ 25,000 fine and six months in jail if you step out of the hotel or even into the hallway.”

Adrien The Brand

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No exit and close medical supervision: temperature measurement twice a day, a PCR test on arrival at the airport and two more before the end of quarantine, the price to pay for simply working. “So yes, the constraints are heavy, I accepted these conditions, explains Adrien La Marca calmly. I did not know, obviously, all the details, I discovered some on the spot, but it’s been a year since we don’t play anymore and the prospect of doing public concerts and that it is the return of concerts also in Hong -Kong, that was such a beautiful and alluring prospect that it’s worth doing this 40s for me. I’m not telling you that it’s easy, but for me, but it was necessary to make this effort for the music and for culture to exist even beyond borders. “

Adrien La Marca said he was lucky despite everything, because some of his fellow musicians had to change jobs because of the health crisis. Upon his release from quarantine, the violist will begin rehearsals with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta Orchestra. “I think all my sensations and feelings are going to be tenfold. The first rehearsal, I think, is going to be quite special. Playing music with so many people all at once, like that, with an orchestra behind me. , it’s going to be very special. “

March 21 will also be very special. This is the day when the musician’s quarantine will end. “It would be lying to you to tell you that I’m not looking forward to it. The first thing I’m going to do is take a really big, long breath of fresh air.” In one of his videos posted on social networks, Adrien La Marca sends a message of support to all the artists who, today like him, are forced to observe forty, a video in which he does not speak but plays his viola.

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The quarantine of the violist Adrien La Marca, the report by Anne Chépeau

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