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free vaccine attracts residents of neighboring countries

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                Serbia, the European country in the lead for vaccination against Covid-19, is organizing this weekend a free vaccination open to all in three major cities of the country.  Residents of neighboring countries have spread the word and this weekend, Serbs and nationals of other countries are getting vaccinated for free without reservation or appointment

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Belgrade,</em> <strong>Laurent Rouy</strong>

Since Saturday morning the border roads to enter Serbia are blocked by traffic jams. Reason for the visit of these tourists: anti-Covid-19 vaccination offered to all, but this weekend only, in three major cities of the country including the capital Belgrade.

These unconditional vaccinations are carried out in Belgrade at the Exhibition Center, which since the start of the pandemic had served as a temporary hospital, before serving as a vaccination center for Belgrad residents for two months.

Many nationals of neighboring countries, mixed with Serbs, line up on the spot. A random Bosnian says that in Bosnia there is such a shortage of vaccines that you have to wait several months before getting treatment.

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Along with this popular vaccination, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce invited its foreign partners to get vaccinated for free this weekend. 7,500 entrepreneurs from Bosnia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro are expected to receive the valuable vaccine in the coming days.

Since the start of its vaccination campaign, Serbia, which has four vaccines in quantities, had already offered doses to a few countries in the region, but this is the first time that such a mass vaccination has taken place in the country.


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