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Francis Ngannou knocked out Stipe Miocic in the UFC heavyweight title match – Sports

Francis Ngannou’s incredible story culminated in the UFC 260 event.

Cameroonian Francis Ngannou, 34, is the UFC’s new heavyweight champion. Ngannou knocked out the American in the main match of the UFC 260 match night Stipe Miocicin, 38, in Las Vegas on Sunday morning Finnish time.

The knockout occurred in the second set when Ngannou’s left hook dropped an opponent into the canvas. A moment earlier, Miocic had slammed into the cage wall with the force of the blow.

The 193-centimeter and about 119-pound Ngannou made his opponent look like a rag doll, even though the Miocic itself is 193-centimeter and weighs 106 pounds.

The duo faced for the second time in their careers. Ngannou lost to Miocic in January 2018, but showed on Sunday that he had learned a lot in three years. Last time, weak wrestling and carpet match skills were the fate of a Cameroonian in a lost match.

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Now Ngannou controlled the match sovereignly, hit many times already in the first set and skillfully defended Miocic’s knockout attempt as well.

Francis Ngannou was awarded the heavyweight championship belt in Las Vegas.­

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Ngannoun the rise to UFC heavyweight champion is an ashtray story. He was born in poverty in Cameroon and became a child worker in sand mines. As an adult, Ngannou fled across the Mediterranean to France during years of trekking. He lived homeless in Paris until he was able to train for free in the gym in August 2013.

– I promised myself as a child that I get up in the limelight and show the doubters who thought that I have beneath them. If only I had the chance, I would do something great. That’s why I’m here. I am working to rise to greatness, Ngannou said in an interview after his victory.

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Miocic has been at the top of the heavyweight series since 2016, when he first became champion. He lost his belt momentarily Daniel Cormierille in July 2018, but grabbed the title back in the rematch.

Ngannou is expected to face number one on the pound for pound list next Jon Jonesin in a real superplay.

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