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France and Britain argue over coroner vaccines – French foreign minister tells British: ‘It is pointless to resort to blackmail in this situation’ – Abroad

The French Foreign Secretary thought Britain would soon be in trouble with distributing other doses of the vaccine.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian accuses the UK of blackmail in a coroner vaccine dispute, he says BBC. Earlier this week, the British prime minister Boris Johnson warned that the European Union’s export restrictions could have a negative impact on the country’s future investment in the Union.

France has been president Emmanuel Macronin led the EU in demanding stricter export restrictions on coronary vaccines. Foreign Secretary Le Drian did not directly direct his allegations of blackmail against Prime Minister Johnson, but stressed that the EU cannot pay the price for British vaccination practices.

– It is useless to resort to blackmail in this situation. That simply cannot be done, Le Drian told the BBC.

The Foreign Secretary points out that the UK has been proud of the smooth distribution of its first doses of vaccine, but thought the country was in trouble with future second doses.

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“We need to build mutual cooperation with Britain, but we just can’t send millions of vaccines to the British while our own vaccination campaigns are coughing,” the Foreign Secretary continues.

The UK has vaccinated its population at a rapid pace and has received an estimated 48 doses of vaccine per 100 inhabitants. The EU, on the other hand, is in pain with vaccine deliveries, and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in particular has been in the teeth of the Union due to supply difficulties.

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen At the Union ‘s virtual summit, AstraZeneca demanded that its agreed deliveries to Europe be made before delivering vaccines elsewhere.

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